Firefighter Richard Wells' Home in Loachapoka

My vision of the 1890's home of Rich and Toby

Firefighter Richard Wells is the reluctant and relationship shy boyfriend of the protagionist of the series, Kati MacKenzie. Kati met him in the beginning of book one, at the huge warehouse fire that started the whole book off.

Kati was immediately attracted to his good looks, bright blue eyes and his six foot two bodybuilder physique. His spontanious warm smile was certainlly an added attraction. He's the strong silent type, loves his job, is 36 years old and has been a firefighter for fifteen years.

Rich was previously married and his wife was killed by a drunk driver three years before meeting Kati. Rich has not fully adjusted to the tragic loss of the women he loved deeply, and this causes issues with accepting any new relationships.

Rich has an adopted son, Toby, who has a very emotional history. I won't spoil your enjoyment of the book by going into that. Lets just say he is nine years old, loves animals and is of hispanic origin, and wishes Kati were his new mom.

Rich and Toby, plus 12 chickens, live on five acres in the tiny berg of Loachapoka. It's about five miles west of Auburn Alabama, has a population of 186 and Rich's family has owned the place for over 100 years.

Opelika Firehouse One.

Here's a picture of Richard (Rich) Wells home away from home. He and his adopted son, Toby, spend much of their lives on duty here. This fire station is being replaced by a newer building in late 2018.

View inside Fire Station one.

Here's a picture of Rich's other ride at work..

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