Welcome to the Historic Opelika Railroad District

The view from just outside of Kati's loft door.

Kati MacKenzie, the hero of our Arson Mystery Series, lives in this quaint neighborhood in the historic downtown of Opelika, Alabama. The area is known to locals as the Railroad Avenue District.

Opelika is the sister city of Auburn Alabama, home of the SEC powerhouse college football team, the Auburn University Tigers.

Kati has lived here since graduating from Southern Union Community College, where she majored in business. Since her father is a successful insurance broker in Opelika, Kati has always wanted to work in the insurance business. Near the end of her studies, she discovered this loft apartment for rent. It's ideally situated just above her favorite restaurant, The Irish Bred Pub.

Living so close to the Pub pays off in many ways. She always takes prospective dates to the Pub for a first meeeting. If the guy turns out to be a jerk, she can just slip off to the loo and out the back door. Presto, she's home safe and sound.

Front view of the Irish Bred Pub.

The photo above shows the Pub and shows just the right corver of Kati's front balcony. It's right below the of part of my left index finger that somehow got in the picture.

Front view of Kati's upstairs apartment.

Kati's loft apartment in the right half of the balcony in the above shot. The right glass front door and window are hers.

Here's the second home of Police Sergeant Rex Tomlinson.

Here's the front door into the Opelika Police Department.
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