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Ashes of Arson (Book one)
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Arson Revisited (Book two) (Coming March, 2019)

April 8, very early Monday morning

A hint of movement in the dense shadows near an aging warehouse goes totally unnoticed. One single portion of that shadow separates and moves slowly, quietly, toward a nondescript pickup truck. Ever so cautiously, the apparition creeps from shadow to shadow, cast by a distant and inadequate street light. Its progress is highlighted by increasing illumination emanating from within the warehouse itself. Faint and dancing lights, with tints of orange and yellow, now define his silhouette.

The shadow pulls an old flip phone from a pocket and pecks at it, All done he says. The phone goes back into the pocket. He enters the well-used pickup and starts the engine. Keeping the lights turned off, he puts it in gear and slowly melts into the obscurity of the lifeless industrial district nearby. Behind him, the dancing lights turn rapidly into an inferno of flames.

Insurance adjuster, Kati MacKenzie never intended to be an amateur detective. Nor did she ever dream that her quiet, boring job could suddenly become so dangerous. But, when two charred bodies turn up in the ashes of a warehouse fire that she's investigating, she knows her life just changed. Kati rapidly goes from a sweet, pampered Southern girl in a small Alabama town to a hunted amateur detective trying to solve a crime, in order to stay alive.

Things like getting beat up, shot at and almost run over start happening more and more frequently, and carrying a gun becomes a daily necessity. The body count begins climbing up and, before the smoke has cleared, Kati is even forced to add one to the pile herself. Like it or not, Kati is an unwilling detective in a suspense thriller plot of arson, murder and romance.

Kati's quest for the truth in this tale becomes more complicated as she realizes the bad guys are always one step ahead of her. It's almost like someone's spying on her. Could someone close to her be conspiring to ensure her downfall?

Somehow, through all this mayhem and suspense, a gorgeous cop named Rex, a handsome hero fireman named Rich and a nine year old boy named Toby manage to keep Kati on track and alive. Along with the help of her trusty .38 revolver, of course.

Can Kati stay alive long enough to solve the multiple murders and the arson mystery? Can she overcome a disastrous marriage and divorce and fall in love again? Will the overlying crime cartel let her alone if she does solve the case? And will her mother's world famous cinnamon buns save the day?

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Kati's loft apartment is the left balcony and one of her favorite restaurants, The Irish Bred Pub, is on the right.

Kati's world is also populated by parents, best friends, and a series of walk-on characters who seem only to want Kati dead. But guts, luck and a .38 Special help her persevere.

This is the intersection where Carlo tries to kill Kati by ramming her car, and shooting at her.

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The following is a recent (03/05/2018), unsolicited review on by Debbie O.(A customer who paid for her book)

Loved it! Kati MacKenzie is an insurance investigator. When she gets called out to an enormous warehouse fire she has a lot of questions but few answers. She's told the blaze looks suspicious. It appears to have multiple starting points which means arson. Then they find the bodies. Two of them. Both with gunshot wounds to the back of the head execution style. The blaze was just a cover as whoever started it didn't want the dead men found.

Unfortunately for Kati, the more she digs the more she puts her life in danger. She meets two men, both of whom are bent on protecting her. Rex is a police officer working the homicides. Rich is a firefighter she meets at the warehouse fire. Rich is a widower and has a son, Toby, who adores Kati and wants her to be his new mom.

When a hit is put on Kati, it puts anyone close to her in danger too. Multiple attempts are made on her life even though she tries her best to stay out of the investigation. Her boss orders her to back off but no matter what she does, its not enough to eliminate the threat.

This one had plenty of action and suspense. There were a couple of moments when I was sitting on the edge of my seat, heart racing, hoping no one was going to die! I really liked the characters as well. Kati was pretty easy going but dedicated to her job and the people she cared about. Rex proved to be a good friend and watched out for Kati as much as possible when she was in danger. Rich, on the other hand, was the perfect match for Kati. He was a wonderful father to Toby and definitely interested in being more than a friend to Kati. There was a surprise twist in one particularly harrowing scene that I thought was brilliant on the part of the author. I never saw it coming but it sucked me right in and sealed the deal on the five star rating I gave it. I love a suspense filled book but also the cozy moments that come with the addition of friends and family. Like Kati's parents, her relationship with Toby, and the jealousy on the part of both Rex and Rich. Their inclusion in the story certainly added to its appeal. A winner all the way around for me. Looking forward to the next book!

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