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Kati MacKenzie
Arson Mystery Series

Book Two in the Kati MacKenzie Arson Series is available on Amazon.

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Ashes of Arson has been enthusiastically embraced by the soft-boiled mystery fans on Amazon. To date, it's earned a Five Star fan rating and placed number one best seller in it's genre and was there for two weeks.

It also earned the number 13 place in the Top 100 Best Selling (free) Kindle E-books in its genre and held that honor for 7 days. In addition it also earned a 4.5 Star rating on Goodreads and a Five Star rating on BookBub.

Now joining Ashes is book two in the series, Arson Revisited. This fast-paced thriller takes Kati into serious danger involving shoot-outs, bombs and high speed car chases. It, too, has rapidly risen to the Five Star rating level on Amazon and promises to be just as big of a hit on the charts.

Hot on the heels of Ashes of Arson and Arson Revisited is book three, Arson and Opioids. Kati finds herself face-to-face with a drug cartel and she and Detective Sergeant Rex Tomlinson discover the cartel has a contract-to-kill out on both of them.

If you haven't already started this action packed thriller/mystery series, by all means start today. And when you finish - please - go to Amazon, Goodreads and Book Bub and leave heartfelt reviews. The future of Kati, and my writing, depends on reviews.

Thank you!

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