Meet Kati MacKenzie

Meet Kati MacKenzie. She's a small town Southern girl living in the restored, turn of the century (19th/20th) Railroad Avenue District of Opelika, Alabama. Opelika is right along Interstate 85 which runs from Atlanta to Montgomery and is about 20 miles from the GA/AL border.

Kati is a sparkley young lady, 32 years old and recently divorced. She lives in a cool upstairs loft apartment, over the Irish Bred Pub restaurant, right on South Railroad Avenue. She stands a petit five foot five inches, has auburn hair (how appropriate!), soft brown eyes and light skin. She has a small nose that her mother used to call a button nose. Kati thinks it's too small for her face size.

Her mother is of New York Italian descent and her father is from the Irish side of New York. She has two sisters who have not, so far, figured into the mysteries.

Kati was born in May of 1984 in Gatlinburg Tennessee and moved with her family, at the age of twelve, to Opelika. Her father was transferred to Auburn by his work.

She graduated from Opelika High and went on to get her Associates Degree in business from the local branch of Southern Union Community College. She then joined her father in the insurance business.

Kati's current job is a claims adjuster for a large regional insurance company, The Deep South Fire and Casualty Company. Due to her job, Kati finds herself thrust into a complex situation involving arson, murder and espionage. Her life goes from quiet and boring to a constant fight to stay alive, in very short order.

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