Meet the Author
Greg Clark, DC

Hi! I'm Greg Clark and I'm the author of the Amazon Best Selling mystery novel, Ashes of Arson and the Kati MacKenzie Arson series. I'm in my seventies and live with my wife of forty years, Kati (the real one), just outside a small town in East Central Alabama. I love the woods around my house and love to garden. Kati and I have a son who lives in Washington state with our two granddaughters and we visit them every chance we get.

I've been a huge fan of mystery novels all my life, but don't like books with excessive or graphic sex or unnecessary violence. There's enough real violence in the world today without me dreaming up much more. I have a well-defined understanding of the capabilities and limits of the human body (retired Chiropractor) and try to make my characters real. I also have a realistic understanding of firearms and their limitations (active gunsmith). I'm a Vietnam vet and spent six years in the U. S. Navy, working on secret code systems and nuclear subs.

I enjoy writing and, at one time, was a part-time staff writer for two international writing-instrument collectors magazines. I still love to use fountain pens for all my note taking and rough-draft writing, and have a pile of them. Before writing Ashes, I'd had twenty e-books and magazine articles published.

Over the years, I've read more mystery books than I can count, and these books slowly fueled a story growing inside me. I've always been a talker and a storyteller and, at one point, I decided it was time to write my first novel. That point was during the process of reading the great Forgotten Coast mystery series by Dawn Lee McKenna.

Thank you for reading this and I would like to invite you to join the Kati Mac Fire Brigade and keep up with Kati, Firefighter Rich Wells, Toby Wells and Police Sergeant Rex Tomlinson in their adventures. Please follow me on Facebook ( and please go to Amazon, Goodreads and BookBub and rate my books. My survival as an Indie author depends on reviews.

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